Please don’t say I love you.
Don’t say I care about you.
Don’t utter any words that can disillusion my thoughts & get my heart beating faster with joy.
Don’t try to soothe my tormented soul
With words of longing and understanding.
Don’t requite my love if you aren’t quite sure
Don’t give me a taste of something sweet and then leave me wanting more
Your honey words satisfy my tongue but leave my stomach hungry
I fall so deeply, stuck in your sticky web
Your sweet words they entrap me.

Simply Stop

Eyota Alana:

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Originally posted on One Poem A Day:

I’m going to stop trying

I’m going to stop caring

I will stop thinking

And trying to put meaning to everything

I will let things happen as they are

And will not mind

I am torturing myself

Making a fool of myself

Making it sad and difficult

I will do the best I can

To block this silliness

I want to be numb

And maybe

I can finally move on

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Won’t Stop Believing

Dark limbs reach out above me,
but past them I see the glimmer of lights.
I can never seem to reach them though,
try as I might.
But I know one day,
one day, I’ll make it
& in the stars I’ll sit.
One day I won’t just be dreaming.
I know it’ll happen one day.
So I keep on believing.


I’m down on my knees
Begging for forgiveness
Don’t turn your back on me
I need this
Purify my heart
Purify my soul
Take all my broken pieces
And make me whole
I have no where to turn
I have no where to go
I need a sign from you
To let me know
You’re here for me
You’ll be there for me
You’ll lead me to the light
Even when I can’t see
I’m so tired of walking blindly


As black as my soul
after a heartbreak
Slowly cracking
pieces of it crumbles
falling off & collapsing
into darkness, seemingly everlasting

Tears Of Frustration

Tears of frustration
Running down my face
As much as I feel I need it
I can’t help but hate this place
Mostly everyone’s a liar
They don’t really care
Never around to talk
When they always say “I’m here”
I’m here if you need me
What a fucking lie
I get so frustrated
Nothing helps but looking at the sky
At least it keeps the tears from falling
From falling out my eye
I hate this fucking place
So frustrated that I cry

Now And Then

You tell me now,
all the things I wanted to hear then.
When I read your words
my heart constricts and expands,
and it hurts;
a soft, sweet, gentle pain.
Oh, how I’ve waited
and imagined
constantly thought about these words coming from you.
So much turmoil I am in.
For, at a moment in time I wanted nothing more than to have you say those exact words to me.
But now I cannot repeat them back to you.
I miss you, I do.
I can’t lie, it’s true.
But no longer am I so madly deeply hopelessly in love with you,
as I was then.
Now, I just have love for you.


Fuck all the sentimentals, it was something mental
I didnt just feel it in my heart but my mind and my soul
You said you felt the same thing
But you just let it go
& I was left wondering
What I did to make you want to go away
I was wondering if you ever would come back & if you did if I would ever hear you say
Just how much you missed me & loved me
& never wanted to let me go
Tell me all the things you felt about me
I was wondering when you would let me know
So I was sitting & waiting & wishing
On every star that I could find
Wondering when you would come back to fix the heart that you broke, which was mine.
You took your time
And I eventually lost all hope
I was strung out on your love
Like an addict on dope
I was addicted to you
& I needed my fix
After 6 months of withdrawals
I realized I couldn’t do this
I couldn’t wait around twiddling my thumbs
For someone I thought was never gonna come
From someone who said I should just be grateful to have your attention
I was calling out to you,
But you didn’t listen
You went missing
Dropped off the face of the earth
& all I got from you doing that was even more hurt
& instead of even trying to take part of the blame
You put it all on me, so fucking lame
Don’t get me wrong,
I ain’t saying it’s all of your fault
But atleast I opened up to you & told you what I thought; what was in my heart
Like how I missed you
Which went unrequited
A simple “you’ve been on my mind”
Would have made me so delighted
But you let go
& as much as I tried to fight it
I thought it was too late
Cuz we were already divided
You never hit me up
Never said what’s up
So how was I supposed to know
That you even gave a fuck
Fuck all the sentimentals, it was something mental
You said you felt the same thing
just let us go

Spark My Interest

Bored out of my skull
Lost somewhere in my mind
Anything to hold my interest
Is just something I can’t find
It’s cold and my nose is running
Maybe it’s more of a mild jog
My feet are aching and my body’s tired
All from spending all day at a job
I don’t know what’s worse
Being bored or being broke
It’s bad that I wish I could spend all day surrounded by marijuana smoke?
I just want to relax & feel at ease
I just want to sit & light up like Christmas trees.

Welcoming Waves

You’re as soft and wet
As the gum, that I am chewing.
My fingers slide(ing) deeper
Into the warm moistness that is you.
The pleasure on your face
As you cry out in what sounds like agony,
Fuck. Fuckk. Fuckkk
Is all I hear,
Aside from your heavy breathing.
I retract my two fingers
And as I place them in my mouth
I am reminded
Of Cotton candy,
From the carnival
That I used to anticipate going to.
And now all I anticipate is
Sweet as an apple,
Covered in caramel.
You taste like nothing I’ve ever imagined.
I dive face first
Into you
And am welcomed by your waves.