Release To Gain

You spoke the words I wanted to hear
and made me feel the way I feared,
both love and misery
is what you brought and gave to me.

I asked you to ‘hold not my troubled heart against me’,
so instead you held it in the palm of your hand.
I thought you’d hold on to it forever,
But instead you let it fall through like cracks do to sand.

I winced, in pain
when you told me your life would never be the same
because I knew,
that I, too,
felt this way.

With you no longer here,
I have nobody to comfort me.
When you gave up and left,
you took with you a piece of me.

My heart is heavy,
my head, lite.
My feet tired,
but my soul says to fight.

So I can’t stay stagnant, in this spot
where all I wish is for another shot.
I have to keep moving forward, like the little engine that could
and in my heart just keep hoping; we haven’t ended for good.


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