Maybe my mind is just feeble.
Maybe I am insane.
Maybe I am not all the way there.
Maybe these dark clouds will one day leave me for good.
Maybe I am overly naive when it comes to life.
Maybe I give too much and take too little.
Maybe I try too hard yet not hard enough.
Maybe I should give up, yet can’t find the way to.
Maybe I have tried.
Maybe I shed tears everyday for something that I yearn for.
Maybe I’ll find it.
Maybe I won’t.
Maybe I don’t even really want it & only think I do.
Maybe I have a tendency of pushing away the things I need most.
Maybe I don’t actually need anything.
Maybe I don’t care.
Maybe I do.
Maybe I’m not sure what to do.
Maybe I’m confused.
Maybe I’m lost.
Maybe I know exactly what I’m doing and just don’t know it yet.
Maybe I have no idea.
Maybe I never will know.
Maybe one day I might.
Maybe I love you.
Maybe I love you still.
Maybe my heart breaks at the thought of you.
Maybe that’s an illusion.
Maybe it’s not.
Maybe I don’t want to get over you or you to get over me.
Maybe I have come to the realization that I can’t stop you from getting over me.
Maybe I wish I hadn’t.
Maybe I realized a long time ago that you gave up on me.
Maybe I just wanted to stay in denial.
Maybe I was in denial about being in denial.
Maybe you still care.
Maybe not.
Maybe the world is just filled with a bunch of maybes & we maybe be able to go back and forth between them.


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