I Can’t Let Go Just Yet

You know in your arms
is where I wanna be
You opened up your heart to love
but then you set me free
And I don’t wanna be here
so far away from you
But fate is so cruel,
what am I to do?
I miss your voice
and the sounds it makes
when you say I love you
Shit that’s all it takes
to get me
to come running back
You stay running through my mind
like you running track
I question if your legs are tired yet
You ask what do I mean
It’s cuz you stay running through my brain
Like you was Forrest, Green
that mean go
But I don’t wanna leave
Trey Songz, Mario
How do I breathe?
Without you by my side,
without you in my life?
They say I should just let go
But it just don’t feel right
All I want is you,
You’re all (that) I want.



This was written on
December 7th 2013
6:40 PM


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