Untold Feelings

You just upset, cuz I put you backseat to rappin
But you be out trappin
And I ain’t gettin mad
You only seem to have 3 feelings,
Glad, Angry and Sad
I think you might get that from ya dad
not expressing ya true feelings
You never really say how you feel
It’s like you feel it’s too revealing
When you feel unhappy
you don’t what to say
So you just go pretending
as if you don’t feel that way
But baby,
remember, I can’t read ya mind

Funny how we’re together
even tho we are apart
never together in the physical
but forever in my heart
I don’t get your attitude
even tho I always get it
you often start to say something
and then just say “forget it”.
So many times I’m left confused
wondering what it is I’ve done
to have you turn away from me
180 degrees you’ve done spun
I miss you
even when I’m staring at your face




Written 12/6/13? or somewhere around there, actual date not really sure. As always comments, criticisms and anything else are welcomed.


3 thoughts on “Untold Feelings

  1. this is one of my favourite things i’ve ever read! truly! and not only because of your great skills in choosing the right words and the right rhythm and everything, but also because I feel the exact same way with someone, so it was like reading what’s exactly in mind except with more precision and art to it, you’re incredible!! Never stop writing! Xx

    1. You make me feel like such an accomplished writer even though I’ve never been published. The simple fact that you can connect so deeply to my writing lets me know that I am doing a good job and the right (no pun intended, okay maybe a little) thing.

      Your comments of praise send love beams straight into my heart. They honestly feel me up with so much joy. Thank you for taking the time out to read my work and comment on it. I absolutely appreciate your input. You make me feel like the artist I know I am, deep down inside which I wish to share with the world.

      It is also a joy to read your work as well. I must admit that sometimes I look at your page and all the words in one post seem daunting and it makes me say “I’ll come back later” when I feel I don’t have enough time. But once I find time and I do come back I am grateful to have read it. Your writing inspires me to dig deeper and give myself the okay to write more. Even if to another reader they might feel it is a lot to read because I know that once they start reading they will be glad they did, just the way I am with your words. One day I hope we will both inscribe salutations to one another in our books as we exchange them. Your work is something that a lot of people would enjoy reading. So to you I also say never stop writing!

      1. Aw this is so sweet!! and by the way, some unpublished writers can be more accomplished than some of the published, so you are indeed a writer! and thank YOU for taking time to read my work as most people would not bother to, people don’t realise how just that extra time for a read or complimenting any artist’s work can really affect their lives. it’s a shame 😦
        But whenever you give up (or I give up) just remember this one comment that came from the person on the other side of the world that made you truly smile 🙂 ❤ xx

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