Drifting Butterfly; the journey continues

I am like the butterfly,
Flying in the wind.
Against the grain,
Or for better visual

I am majestic,
Yet awkward,
As I make my way
Seemingly floating
Forwards and backwards
As I continue on my journey.

Some I will pass by without them noticing me;
For they are too busy in their own world or care not enough to pay attention to their surroundings.
Others will see me & look at me in awe,
Wondering from which I came & where I shall go.
While there will be a few who look at me & hate me,
simply for being a butterfly.

As I was once a caterpillar,
& so I have went through metamorphosis,
I have changed.
I am no longer inching my way through life,
Crawling on my belly
Hungry for something more.

I am, a butterfly.
I am free to fly wherever I so please.
& whether you watch or not,
Be it in awe or jealousy,
I will continue on my journey.


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