Stormy nights

I feel it brewing

Deep within

Like a cauldron


It’s hot, it’s hot

It’s so damn hot

I feel it coming

To the top

I feel it bursting

I feel it crash

I feel it’s want to destroy

It’s need to smash

I feel the calm

Before the storm

Something tells me

It won’t be long

Soon enough

Destructions come

And it won’t leave out


So get ready

Because there are plenty stormy nights ahead
I hear the thunder

I see the lightening

The whipping winds

To some it’s frightening

But to me

It’s all the same

I want to feel

The FUCKING rain

I want to soak

I want to scream

I want to destroy


Oh I feel

I feel it coming

The stormy nights are ahead
The water’s thrashing

The trees are swaying

And my heart

It is decaying

The wind is whipping

The sky is crying

And inside

I’m slowly dying

No one hears me

Crying out

The stormy nights

Are almost here


Like a blur

Of the past

They all think

That it won’t last

But I know

The stormy nights are here 


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