Constant Battle

She’s got dark spaces

In between the rays of light


Seeping through

Fighting to take control


Whispers Of The Wind

I am like a falcon

Soaring in circles

Aware of my ability to fly

Yet lacking knowledge in which direction I should go

& so I circle

Waiting for the wind

To call out

Follow me

Too Much Love

I always love them more than they love me

They also say I‘m too much

The fire of my passion burns too hot

The love of my heart is too over whelming, for them

The broken, the hurt, the “unloveable”

But I always see their potential

I know their hearts purest intentions

I know they are made to love

And so I try to show them

I always love them more than they love themselves

I realIze that is where I fail

The fire of my passionate heart is too hot for them to stay around

The love I pour into their hearts is too overwhelming

The broken, the hurt, the “unloveable”

Start to see the potential I always saw

They forget their hearts purest intentions

They forget they are made to love

They forget I tried to show them

I always love them more than they love me

I always love them more than they love themselves

I always loved them more than I loved me

I always loved them more than I loved myself

I was one of them

I know their pain

I was trying to heal myself by helping them heal

They caused me so much pain while I tried to love them

That pain helped me in the end

I no longer am broken

I no longer am hurt

I no longer am “unloveable”

I realize I have always had all the pieces I needed

I was always able to heal myself

I have never stopped being love

I thank them for teaching me my lesson

I will always love them more than they love me

I Am Space

The moon and I laugh at you

Because we shine in the darkness

The stars laugh too

Because brightening up darkness is what we do

We thrive in black of night

We shimmer just to spite

And darkness is what we call home

You thought you could take my light

Because I called you Sun

But the Sun is just one of many dwarf stars in the galaxy

Not even the biggest one

I am too expansive to be confined to the Milky Way

You always told me I was too much

& I find no coincidence that some people say that there are too many stars to count

You should have just said I was too much for you

You couldn’t handle my expansiveness

You couldn’t wrap your head around my ability to expand past where you were

And so you tried to dim my light

You tried to eclipse me

Tried to send me spiraling into a blackhole

Hoping that it’s energy would overtake mine

But you didn’t understand that I am dark matter

That just powered me

To expand further beyond anyone’s imagination

Growing Apart

We took turns giving each other the tools we needed to grow

& then we grew apart

You pushing, me pulling

Both of us taking steps back

You built news walls I couldn’t break down

I dug moats knowing you couldn’t swim

Hoping you’d one day return & ask for my help

Mask Off

Running from problems

You cannot face

Will only leave you out of breath

As they’ll follow you

Like a shadow

From place to place

Popping up when light is shone

Letting you know you’re never alone

For your body is their home

And they’ll never leave you

No matter how far you roam

So take your time

Enjoy your walk

Go for a stroll through out the whole entire park

Because when you’re ready

Or you’re not

You’ll have to deal with the problems

You thought you forgot