I Don’t Know What Love Is But

I don’t know what love is,
but I want it.
I dream of it.
I ache for it.
I just plain ‘ol gotta have it.

I don’t know what love is,
but I imagine it.
I think of it constantly.
It stays in my thoughts,
always running through my mind.

I don’t know what love is,
but it terrifies me.
It frightens me.
It scares me.

I don’t know what love is,
but I think I have an idea.
An old faded picture of it resides in my hearts crevices where if I stare really hard at it I can fathom the concept of it.


Yes, I gave you an ultimatum.
If anyone ever said you weren’t worthy of my time, energy or love I would debate them.
Tell them they don’t know you like I know you
Or how I thought I knew you.
I mean I know I can get a little crazy
But you got a couple screws loose too.
I “was being petty”.
But that ain’t mean you had to turn your back on me.
What happen to enlightenment,
You know deep thought provoking Socrates…
Why was I acting out?
Could I have a need or want for your attention?
Maybe I’m yearning for your love,
Feeling like some times it turns up missing.
Where would I find it?
Where could I look?
Because more times than not
You’re like a phone off the hook.
And all I get is a busy signal
You hit me with a whole Rigmarole.
What am I supposed to feel like
Besides that you want to let me go?


My cries fall on deaf ears
You cannot comprehend my anguish
my pain, my hurt
Even if it is you which caused it

I must let it go
this I know, yet can’t seem to do
Some part of me feels if I let it go
then I’ll let go of you too
You, the one I want nothing more than to hold onto
But you’re dumbfounded at the emotions that I show
for you it’s far too easy to let go
Because you never really hold on to begin with.

Forever Wanting

I turned my back on you
Sometimes I felt you did the same
You know I’ll never forget you
Even if I can’t recall your name
You always been there for me
Even if only in my heart
You know your the one I always want
Even if we are apart
Whether the sun is shining
Or the moon is in the sky
You know what it is, my sweet love
It is only you and I
Doesn’t matter who I’m with
Doesn’t matter where I’m at
We both know my heart is yours
And to you my mind goes drifting back
You’re the only one I want
You’re the only one I need

Inside Out

Winter’s negative degrees
& harshest winds is nothing
Compared to how she felt inside
Luckily her heart
Golden & blazing
Warmed her soul
From the inside out
Her smile comforting all who gaze upon it

I’ve Never Seen The Sun at Night

Sometime the moon meets the sun
Even if it is across the sky
It still drops in
Comes by to say hi
But I’ve never seen the sun at night

Sometimes the moon stays out
Way past it’s time to retire
Just to watch the sun rise
Each minute saying “just a little bit higher”
But I never see the sun at night

Isn’t it funny
How the moon orbits around the sun
But the moon is what determines
When the day is done

I never see the sun at night
But I see the moon in the day
It’s as if it can’t get enough of the sun
“Just dropping in to say hey”
But I never see the sun at night

I never see the sun at night
Unless it takes the form of stars
To let the moon know
“I am always where you are”

I never see the sun at night
Unless it’s in a million little pieces
But that is just a thought
Nothing to back this thesis

Because I never see the sun at night
But often times I see the moon during the day


Please don’t say I love you.
Don’t say I care about you.
Don’t utter any words that can disillusion my thoughts & get my heart beating faster with joy.
Don’t try to soothe my tormented soul
With words of longing and understanding.
Don’t requite my love if you aren’t quite sure
Don’t give me a taste of something sweet and then leave me wanting more
Your honey words satisfy my tongue but leave my stomach hungry
I fall so deeply, stuck in your sticky web
Your sweet words they entrap me.

Won’t Stop Believing

Dark limbs reach out above me,
but past them I see the glimmer of lights.
I can never seem to reach them though,
try as I might.
But I know one day,
one day, I’ll make it
& in the stars I’ll sit.
One day I won’t just be dreaming.
I know it’ll happen one day.
So I keep on believing.


I’m down on my knees
Begging for forgiveness
Don’t turn your back on me
I need this
Purify my heart
Purify my soul
Take all my broken pieces
And make me whole
I have no where to turn
I have no where to go
I need a sign from you
To let me know
You’re here for me
You’ll be there for me
You’ll lead me to the light
Even when I can’t see
I’m so tired of walking blindly