(I Carry) The Blues

I believe this is the first audio poem I’ve posted. Let me know what you think. Thank you for listening. 🙂


Mask Off

Running from problems

You cannot face

Will only leave you out of breath

As they’ll follow you

Like a shadow

From place to place

Popping up when light is shone

Letting you know you’re never alone

For your body is their home

And they’ll never leave you

No matter how far you roam

So take your time

Enjoy your walk

Go for a stroll through out the whole entire park

Because when you’re ready

Or you’re not

You’ll have to deal with the problems

You thought you forgot

Ain’t No Other Love Like The One I Know

Why aren’t you here?

I know that you can hear

My heart calling out for you, my dear

It longs to have you near

So tell me

Why aren’t you here?

Why are you here?

You fingers stroking through my hair

Fingers twisted in my curls

Unable to detangle

You’re entwined

You are mine

And I am yours

I still think of you often enough

For you to seriously be able to call my bluff

And have me fall for you


Harder than before

And for you to have all of me

Forever, for eternity & not a second more

I hate that I still want you

Even though you’ve hurt me

You’ve hurt me badly

And yet

I still want you

And I hate that I do

I try not to cry over you anymore

It’s okay when I do tho

Because the tears have learned to dry faster on their own over the years

Modern Day Mother Goose Tale

She sat

And she waited

As patiently as she could

And you played with her heart

Because you knew that she would

And when her patience would thin

You’d let her back in

But not for too long or for good

You were playing head games

At last, She understood

So finally she got tired

And left you alone

Just like she knew that she should


We both know that we are toxic for eachother

And I can’t be friends if we can’t be lovers

My last picture of you is half your face under the covers

You know my love for you is like that of only a mothers

But we just can’t be together

I thought because years had went by we would be better

But we both know that we are toxic for eachother


The world

With all it’s people

Trying to be individuals,

Even tho they were born that way,

Because others expect you to conform

To be just like them

Yet hate who they are

And so they try to make sure that

You do the same

– fuck the world –